Welcome to the CBP Newsletter!
We are so happy to announce the re-introduction of the monthly CBP Newsletter! It has been quite some time since this publication has been in circulation and with much prayer, it is back and hopefully better than ever! 

In the beginning, the task of the newsletter fell solely on Pastor Doug’s shoulders. With all his other responsibilities, keeping up with the newsletter became too cumbersome. To overcome this hurdle, Pastor Doug felt that a Newsletter Team would be the perfect answer. So, the word was put out for those interested and the response was overwhelming. We had our first Zoom meeting, with over 20 attendees, and it was very productive.

Our vision for the newsletter is to bring CBP together as a family, whether your chapter is in California, Pennsylvania, Tennessee or any other future location. We want members to learn about each other on a personal level, discover what other chapters are doing and generally come together as Christians.

As time progresses, we will be “tweeking” the newsletter until we find a format that best serves the Ministry as a whole. Listed below are some topics we are considering for inclusion, however, we would love to hear from our members as to what interests you! Topics:
Scripture of the Month
Member Highlights
Links to Upcoming Events
Chapter Happenings
Welcome to the Family (announcements of new members, chapters and chapter leadership)
Scripture in Poetry
Charity of the Month
And many more!

We are still looking for team members to help out with writing, proof-reading, and design and layout. Therefore, if you are looking to stretch your creative wings, come join us. We’d love to have you!

God’s blessings upon you,
Gayle Garcia, Secretary & Editor
Pacesetters, Glendora, CA Chapter

Pennsylvania First In-Person Meetings
I had the privilege to interview Alex Giannetti, the Regional Director for the Pennsylvania Chapters of Christian Business Partners. Alex shared with me the exciting re-opening of 3 of the 7 PA chapters to in-person meetings. Wexford, Castle Shannon and Washington chapters are once again meeting in-person. Although the attendance is not at 100%, the quality of the meeting, the fellowship, and prayer time is the best it has ever been. CBP is at its best when everyone is in the same room, worshipping and sharing together their faith and their business. The meetings are upbeat, positive, and full of energy. Face to face meetings are far superior to online meetings when and where possible. 

Alex said that there are strict criteria to re-open. Each re-opening plan must be consistent. First, the venue must be welcoming and cannot place any restrictions on the group.

“We do not want to jeopardize the venue in any way,” said Alex. “We do not want to have the community upset with the business, nor have their customer base have any negative impressions towards the location. All local laws are followed. Masks are optional at all meetings. It is up to the participant to determine whether to wear one.”

For any members that do not feel comfortable meeting in-person, a communication was sent out by each chapter to encourage these individuals to transfer their membership to an online chapter until they are comfortable to meet in-person again. Zoom has proven to have huge advantages. Members can travel the area or even the entire country visiting other chapters. This has also been advantageous to parents homeschooling their kids and cannot get out of the house for meetings. Businesses that do not have geographical boundaries can network across all CBP. Gibsonia, New Castle, Butler, and Mt. Nebo chapters are still meeting on Zoom, and depending upon the situation at their venues, this may continue well into 2021. Depending upon interest in both participation and leadership, it is possible a new Western PA Zoom only chapter may form permanently to allow CBP to serve all.

Alex highly recommends resuming in-person meeting when appropriate. Each chapter president is in communication with their venue and their members, deciding when and where they can come together again in-person.

Robb Montgomery,
Power of the Spirit, Gibsonia, PA Chapter

Interview Stacy Lynn Harp, President Spring Hill, TN
Gwenne: “So, Stacy, unlike you, I have never interviewed anyone before. I understand you’ve interviewed hundreds and possibly thousands of individuals, including many “household recognizable” names in the Christian Community. Why don’t I go through some of the questions I thought to ask, and just let you freely talk (I think we’re both good at that…)”: 

With a sweet, Christian smile and intriguing eyes, Stacy Lynn, as she likes to be called, was kindly accommodating.

Stacy Lynn: “I was introduced to CBP by Terry Fitch of the Chino chapter and I joined in order to promote my business, LegalShield , which I started to support my ministry Bible News Radio.”

Bible News Radio is a non-profit organization Stacy Lynn launched 16 years ago, after having worked behind the scenes in various ministries including blog writer for The Voice of the Martyrs. Stacy Lynn is uniquely qualified to speak on the subject of Christian persecution having written about Christian persecution for over eight years.

Although Stacy Lynn wasn’t raised in a Christian home, she came to faith in Christ in high school after exposing criminal activity in her family that ultimately changed her life forever.

Speaking of family, Stacy Lynn is most blessed in having a godly, supportive and understanding husband, Randall Harp. A former computer programmer and co-owner of his own company, Randall is now owner of Chapel Hill Media, a video production company in Spring Hill, TN. He is also responsible for producing Bible News Radio and cohosts the show, which airs Friday, Saturday and Sunday as a live-streamed show on numerous outlets online.

Stacy Lynn earned a Master’s of Science in Clinical Psychology from Vanguard University of Southern California, and practiced therapy for over 15 years before leaving the field because she would not compromise on the subject of sexuality and the biblical teaching that God created male and female and that He can change anyone who has unnatural sexual desires. Stacy Lynn has spoken at various academic and professional conferences concerning Internet safety issues and the topic of sexuality. She has been described as someone who has a firm grasp on the issues and communicates passionately but with humor. She has appeared on the Fox News television show Dayside, as well as numerous radio programs nationally and internationally, discussing issues pertaining to the family, sexuality, social media, Christian persecution and Internet-related issues. She has proven to be a leader in the Christian community, showing leadership capabilities in many areas, specifically in empowering Christian women.

Stacy Lynn believes that “Leadership is Influence, Not Control.”

In addition to being an intelligent, well read, personable, and social media/internet savvy individual, one serious passion of hers is she loves pickleball, and this year she will be releasing her book, Pickleball Faith: Inspiration On and Off the Court.

It’s clear that God has a special purpose in Stacy Lynn’s life, and I thank Him for allowing me to spend some time with this extraordinary Christian lady. May God richly bless you, my beloved.

Interview with Stacy Lynn Harp via Zoom, September 4, 2020
Gwenne Gillum, Former Treasurer
Alpha And Omega, Fountain Valley, CA Chapter

Chapter of the Month – Rancho Cucamonga
Cucamonga? Where is that?
On the map, you’ll find it straddling the 210 and 15 freeways near the base of Mount Baldy.
Before COVID 19, the Rancho Cucamonga Chapter met at Gandolfo’s New York Deli every Monday morning. Rancho Cucamonga (RC) has multiple members and was one of the first to offer Zoom as an option by holding hybrid Zoom/in-person meetings. More

Called the “Morning Star” Chapter, the crew is captained by Mike Petry, First Officer is Sheryl Fielder, Scribe is Andrew Crawford, and Purser is Kathy Hack, who take pride in caring for their neighbors. What does that look like? As many of the CBP chapters are, if not all, Rancho Cucamonga-Morning Star is an eclectic group of business people representing many industries and several nonprofit organizations. They have become more than just a business networking group, or even a fellowship. They have become a family of believers who welcome all who want to visit or join. Playful banter is not uncommon at their meetings, as the members have gotten to know each other well over the years. The weekly meetings, exclusively on Zoom for now, are held every Monday at 8:00 am PST. When allowed, they plan to transition back to a hybrid Zoom/in-person meeting format to allow members and visitors from other areas to continue to join in the fun, fellowship, and networking of their family. Stop by and meet this great group of God-loving mates!

David Pugsley, President
Bread of Life, Lakewood, CA Chapter

First All Wednesday Chapter Meeting
When the Covid 19 Pandemic shut everything down in March, it drove everyone into their homes and social contact came to a screeching halt. Groups could no longer meet in person which left many scrambling as what to do next. However, through the grace of God, Christian Business Partners (CBP) found a way to continue to meet, pass referrals and praise God without barely a hiccup – ZOOM! Many chapters were able to set up Zoom accounts which allowed them to meet every week, keep their businesses running through referrals and worship as a group. 

Although a computer screen can never replace face to face interaction, it does have its perks. Because of Zoom, CBP members can now visit other chapters they would otherwise not have had the opportunity to visit. Personally, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting members not only from various California chapters, but folks from Pennsylvania as well. For this, I am extremely grateful.

Because of this new environment in which we find ourselves, chapters have been getting creative with their meetings. One such case was when four California chapters, which all meet on Wednesdays, met together as one; Riverside, Mission Viejo, Yucaipa, and the host chapter, Glendora. Even Pastor Doug Wilson joined in the fun!

We had 59 members in attendance, something that could not have been possible pre-Covid. Chapter presidents took turns leading the group in prayers and Stephen Wood, Glendora President, led the meeting. All members had the opportunity to give their business commercials, share announcements and make prayer requests. Pastor Doug, our special guest speaker, gave the accounting on how CBP came into existence through prayer and the power of God.

Things are definitely not “business as usual,” and who’s to say they ever will be again. However, the human race is nothing if not resilient. We have been faced challenges throughout our entire existence. And through it all, God has been right there, guiding us, teaching us, and loving us.

Gayle Garcia, Secretary & Editor
Pacesetters, Glendora, CA Chapter

Covina CA Chapter Reopening on Zoom
It’s been awhile but we are very excited to announce the reopening of the Covina Chapter. The First meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, October 20 @ 8:15 AM (PST). Because the Covina chapter has not been meeting, many of our contacts are not current. If you are a member of Covina, a perspective member, or just want to check it out, please use the following link to register. We will send the meeting Zoom link by email the day before. Also, Pastor Doug Wilson will have a special message for the first meeting. See you at Covina! Covina Ca Registration

All Chapter Holiday Mixer
Christian Business Partners (CBP) had the pleasure of holding ministry-wide mixers during the months of June and July with many attending each event. Members enjoyed networking, jokes, Fellowship and more in a faith-based atmosphere. Who says Christians aren’t a cool bunch?!!

With the holidays just around the corner, CBP is in the process of organizing its ministry-wide Holiday Mixer. The mixer schedule for Friday, December 4, 2020 at 8:00 am PST and 11:00 am EST. CBP members are encouraged to invite family, friends and guests to this wonderful event. While there is no cost to attend, registration will be required.

So, dig out your ugly sweaters, ties, glitter and glam and come ready for a festive and fun time in an atmosphere that truly celebrates the “REASON for the SEASON.” The birth of JESUS!!!

If you know anyone who would enjoy the culture of CBP and meeting with other faith-based business owners, invite them to join us December 4th, and help make this the most well-attended CBP event yet!!!

Details on registration information will be available in the November Newsletter, so watch your inboxes!

LaDawn VanKirk, Vice President
New Castle, PA Chapter

New Members
Please welcome to Christian Business Partners the following new members. 

Melissa AlbanesAmerican Web Devs (Wexford PA)
Doyle BordenDoyle Borden Life-Style (Tustin CA)
Laura DitzLove Always U R Awe-inspiring (New Castle PA)
Anne GroffWelcome Wagon (Spring Hill TN)
Shereen HoffmanThe Bridal Place LLC & Prom Place in Finleyville (Washington PA)
Elisabeth Iniguez Lessons by Elisabeth (Chino CA)
Leah KlineHealth Turn Around Coaching (Upland CA)
Isabella LoveHeartland (Butler PA)
Krisztian MolnarKM Custom Flooring (Mission Viejo CA)
Katrina SessionIn Your Image Life Coaching (Upland CA)
Craig ShowBerkshire Hathaway HomeServices (Butler PA)
Karen ThomasJuice Plus+ (Riverside CA)
Maria VictorinoWorld Financial Group (Yorba Linda CA)
John WalterEdward Jones (Gibsonia PA)

“The LORD is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? The LORD is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?” Psalm 27:1

For newsletter comments and ideas use this link. CBP Contact