Welcome to Christian Business Partners

Acts 5:14
Welcome to Christian Business Partners

Christian Business Partners (CBP) is a unique blend of ministry and business. Our ministry is comprised of business owners and entrepreneurs who also happen to love Jesus. Our goal is to honor God in our business, our home and our community by putting God first. We share a passion for our brothers and sisters in Christ; to help them, to support them, to encourage them and to bless them with business whenever we can. If this is also your passion, then we invite you to join us.

Alex Giannetti President, Christian Business Partners Inc.

Why Join CBP?

  • To receive quality business referrals. After all, business is our middle name.
  • To fellowship with like-minded people who are focused on collaboration rather than competition. 
  • To build solid, Christ centered business and personal relationships.
  • To grow in your knowledge of and relationship with the risen Christ.
  • To learn new business strategies in our meetings and in your interaction with our members.
  • To experience a mid-week “Church for Business” experience where the meeting is comprised of Worship, Scripture, Teaching & Prayer. 
  • It’s free.

Membership Requirements

The following are required for membership.

  • Accept our membership agreement (see below).
  • Have a legal and CBP approved business. 
  • Submit an application and have it approved.
  • Attend chapter meetings.

To be considered a member in good standing and have a presence on our website, a member will maintain a minimum of 70% of all chapter meetings.

Membership Agreement

Before starting the following application process we ask all our members to agree to the following.

  • I am a Christian. I am a follower of Jesus and I agree to Christian Business Partner’s Statement of Faith
  • I am a member of a church that also adheres to a similar statement of faith.
  • I agree to conduct my business by Biblical standards and with integrity.
  • I agree to give and refer business to other Christians whenever possible.
  • I understand that attending less than 70% of my home chapter’s meetings will result in limited visibility of my member profile.

Online Application

I agree with the Membership Agreement