A Note from the Editor: New Year and Beginnings
Happy New Year, CBP!!! Take a deep sigh of relief and know you now have a clean slate. A New Year gives us a chance to start over or make changes in our lives. So many of us will make New Year resolutions – lose weight, eat better, become more organized, increase our business – and the list goes on. Some of these resolutions will stick, some will not. It’s the nature of the beast.

Although 2020 is over, some of its effects will continue into the New Year. The world is still in a pandemic, restrictions are still in place, and most of the world still can’t gather in groups. This is our “new normal” whether we like it or not, at least for a while.

However, all is not lost or hopeless. We still have God! We still have the right to worship and celebrate our faith. We may have to do it a little differently, but we can still live as Christians and know that our Lord still loves us.

Armed with this knowledge, we can face the New Year and anything it may bring. So, as we begin the New Year, think about this – make a different resolution, one centered around God and not around ourselves. Rededicate your life to Jesus, or finally become officially baptized, maybe become more involved in your church. The options are plentiful and will only be beneficial in your life.

Myself, I am resolved to learn more about being a Christian. I am resolved to dedicate time every week and undertake a personal Bible Study. I’m sure I’ll have questions, but as a member of CBP, I have a great resource in which to seek answers and assistance. Other CBP members!

With the New Year, we all have a clean slate. Let’s fill it up with Jesus!!!

Gayle Garcia
CBP Newsletter Editor
Glendora, CA Chapter

January Ministry Minute
As Christians many of us are involved in some kind of ministry. It could be like Byron & Kathy Hack in an upcoming piece on GTI or Don Kemerer of Cray Youth and Family Services. 

(see his interview here YouTube. For both of these, that is their main business and why they are part of CBP.

For others it may be something they do in addition to their business like Mike Petry of Operation Community Cares (see his interview here YouTube or upcoming Kari Woodson who organizes and builds homes for Habitat for Humanity.

2020 has been a tough year for many financially, but we can help our brothers and sisters by sharing their events, fundraisers and videos with others who may have a heart for those ministries.

For example, Mike Petry recently had a fundraiser to cover the cost of shipping care packages to active-duty military. I shared it on my Facebook profile and tagged people I knew who had a heart for our service men, and women.

As a complementary bonus, I’m recording these interviews and hosting them on YouTube. You can watch those videos which help the algorithms, so more people will find them. You can also share them with others.

We can also donate your time, like LaDawn Kirk (New Castle, PA Chapter) does, as she mentors young people through the Cray Youth and Family Services.

Keep your eyes open for future articles here, or share the articles or interview videos with others who may have a heart for the featured ministry. If there is one you’d like to partner with, reach out to the CBP member who represents them.

Please pray for the featured ministry, and if the Holy Spirit prompts you, consider donating to them.

Are you part of a ministry that you would like to see featured in a future newsletter? Reach out to Valerie Pugsley to get on the calendar.

Valerie Pugsley
CBP Regional Director
Orange County, CA

What are One on Ones?
Some may be wondering what is a 1 on 1? Some people call them a Biz Chat, 1 to 1, even 121. Whatever you call it, it is getting to know someone better. 

For example, Ann & Toby meet at a networking event. They set-up a time to meet for coffee, or most likely virtually by a zoom meeting or a phone call in today’s environment. An initial 1 on 1 is usually 30 minutes, enough time for Ann & Toby to build some rapport, see if they would want to do business together, and be open to being referral partners with each other. Thirty minutes can go quickly if the 1 on 1 goes well, but can be laborious when the 1 on 1 does not go smoothly. There will be times when two people simply do not have much in common. While one party may be thinking it was a waste of time, do not write them off completely as one never knows who they might know in their circle of influence. In the future, one may meet someone that may be a good connection or even be a referral to that person who otherwise was not a good fit for them.

After their first 30 minute 1 on 1, Ann & Toby can schedule another time to talk and get to know each other better if they are so inclined. Some may be thinking, “I do not have time to do 1 on 1s.” You should then ask yourself, “Why am I doing all this networking?” Answer: To get to know more people and grow your network of business contacts. Depending on your business or occupation, you may be able to network anywhere in the United States or globally, while some may be limited to a geographic area.

We all probably have a stack of business cards that are collecting dust. 2021 is upon us. Wondering how to kick start your business in this new year? Look through those cards and schedule some 1 on 1s. Think of a 1 on 1 as a follow up. Although scheduling Biz Chats with those in different time zones can be a bit challenging, the convenience of Zoom, Go to Meeting or Ring, etc., anyone can do business from the convenience of home. NO traveling, YAY! One way to make it easier to set up these 121s is to use scheduling tools such as Calendy, Whenavailable.com etc. There are various free programs, and some programs with extra features that you can purchase. You can set your availability and even the length of the time of your meetings. These services also send reminders to the other person, saving you time and money. So, dust off those cards for you may be surprised at who your new potential business partners could be in 2021!

LaDawn VanKirk
New Castle, PA Chapter

Chapter Highlight – Butler, PA
Butler is Family: Occasionally, we can be a little formal or serious, yet more often, we are joyfully playful. We champion the ministry efforts of each other like a family. For instance, when one of our members fell seriously ill, the group rallied and was able to supply ample food and gift cards to help them through. Additionally, every Christmas season, the Butler Chapter chooses an outreach program to support. 

Most of our members would say that Thursday Mornings are the high point of their week. Usually known as a “huggy bunch”, many of us are missing that physical contact with one another due to Covid-19.

Another thing we love to do as a group is Joint Venturing. After joining CBP, we have had several members change the business they were originally in, and partner with another member’s business. We also like to collaborate with each other to create whole new business ventures. One of our members has even joined up with another member across the globe in India to help fight hunger!

“Bountiful Business” is one of the first CBP chapters in Pennsylvania, started by Alex Giannetti. Since that time, we’ve had only two presidents, John McCool and then myself, Connie Shoemaker. Our VP Scott Hacker was one of the first ones who met with Alex about planting a CBP chapter in the Pittsburgh region. Originally, we met at Mac’s Route 8 Cafe, but soon thereafter outgrew their parking lot and were asked to leave. Then we moved to a church with a huge parking lot and beautiful stained-glass windows. Like many of our sister chapters, this year’s national circumstances kept us from congregating there. Meeting at that location is greatly missed by all of us members.

As a chapter, Butler can boast a “unique quality”: We are the only chapter to date to have facilitated the relationship, which eventually led to the wedding of two of our members, Carl and Jane Bromley!

David Pugsley, President
Bread of Life
Lakewood, CA Chapter

Member Highlight – Connie Shoemaker
Introducing Connie Shoemaker, of the Butler, PA chapter. I’ve known this amazing, dedicated lady for 3 years. She’s been married to Brian for 32 years, and they have three children and a dog named Liberty. Connie is a writer of many talents (maybe we could recruit her skills for this newsletter). I’m not kidding, Connie. You would be more than qualified. 

As a writer for her local newspaper, Connie has covered various sections like the church, arts and entertainment, local theater productions, for over 25 years. Connie also has a ministry called “Kissed by the Creator,” where she holds a 6:30 A.M. devotional – yes, 6:30 A.M., daily! Her current prayer group spans the entire globe. Connie also enjoys speaking to “MOPS” groups – Mothers of Pre-Schoolers.

Connie works at Sechler Law Office, where she holds the position as Office Administrator of Estate Planning & Elder Law. Fortunately, she has a Christian boss who is graciously on board with her involvement at CBP.

In 2016, Connie was invited to CBP by a former member. Although she states that she is a “Behind the scenes person,” Connie has been the President of the Butler, PA Chapter for the past 3 years. At the beginning of each new year, she chooses a word for that year. This year’s word is “align”. I find that fitting with all that has been happening this past year. In addition, Connie has written a book, “Beside the Sea with Thee,” Subtitled: A Vacation for Your Soul. Unpublished as of this date. Her dream is to have it published and come with a book, mug and pen. Her dream career is where “I could encourage people.”

If you do not know Connie, set-up a 1-to-1 with her. Thank you, Connie for being our member highlight for January, 2021. With all she does, it is not surprising that one of her adjectives she is described as is “selfless”.

LaDawn VanKirk
New Castle, PA Chapter

CBP Holiday Mixer Recap
Jingle! Jingle! Jingle! The first Ministry-wide Holiday Mixer was held on December 4, 2020. Members and visitors alike experienced fun, laughter and some good holiday cheer at this zoom event. Sweaters (some may be less than pretty), ties, virtual backgrounds, even some virtual reindeer antlers (that was new one), appeared “wearing” their zoom meeting’s finest!! We even had one person come with no holiday garb. Apparently, the term “Holiday mixer” didn’t resonate with them. After they took some good-natured teasing, they found and donned a festive sweater! 

Folks from three time zones joined together to make this a super fun event. In addition to California, Pennsylvania and Tennessee, we had visitors from Virginia hop on! According to their feedback they really enjoyed meeting everyone. Awesome job, CBP, at making them feel welcome!!

Everyone present was given ten seconds to state their name and their business, but with over 70 people in attendance, this still took a bit of time. Ten seconds wasn’t nearly enough time to really get to know everyone very well. Therefore, breakout sessions were provided, with 3-4 people in each room. During these sessions, Alex provided several questions for the rooms to discuss. One example was “Which Superhero would you want to be?” Answers varied from Batgirl, Green Lantern and The Hulk. It was an interesting question which really made you think about why you chose that character, and then explain to others your reasoning.

In addition to the breakout sessions, the chat box was active with sharing each other’s contact information and some fun, clean comments.
Many attendees suggested that CBP make this an annual event, which I think would be a GREAT!! For those who could not attend this year, we would love to see you next time.

While fun was had by all, the Mixer also had prayer and focused on the true meaning of the Season. Let us all remember that Jesus is the Reason for the Season.
Happy New Year to all!!

LaDawn VanKirk,
New Castle, PA Chapter

It’s January 6th! The holidays are over, the decorations are all put away, you can finally put your feet up and relax until next year! Yeah, not quite. January 6th marks the Christian holiday, Epiphany. Not knowing what Epiphany was, besides a great idea, I decided to research it for myself. 

Epiphany has different meanings in different cultures, however, it seems to center around the “The Wise Men of the Magi,” the miracles of Jesus, and gift giving.

In my research of Epiphany, I was amazed at how often this little-known (at least to me) holiday pops up in our Christian culture. For starters, Epiphany marks the end of the Twelve Days of Christmas, which comes with its own song!

In Spain, children leave their shoes outside in hopes that they will be filled with candy and toys if they’ve been good. Naughty kids get lumps of coal. Hmmm, this sounds familiar.

In the U.S. January 6th, or the Sunday closest thereto, marks the “Season of Epiphany,” where sermons and lessons are focused on the miracles of Jesus. This runs through until Ash Wednesday, when the “Season of Lenten” begins.

In various Latino countries, Jan. 6 is “Dia de los Tres Reyes Magos,” or Day of the Three Wise Kings. To celebrate, people make a “roscon de reyes,” or king’s ring cake, a pastry with a tiny figurine of a baby baked into the dough. The idea is that the baby will be revealed in a slice or a bite of bread, just as Jesus was revealed as the Son of God to the kings.

Not to be outdone, Catholics in New Orleans have taken the King’s Cake to a new level in bakeries all over the city. These cakes are elaborate and beautiful, and still possessing a baby Jesus inside, has become a main staple in their Mardi Gras celebration.

Then there are the Orthodox Catholics in places like Russia and Greece who practice cross diving. Their priests toss crosses into the frigid water and devotees dive in after them. Brrrrrrr!!!!

There are many more practices throughout the world including a witch who flies around on her broom leaving gifts for children in hopes that one reaches baby Jesus.

So, wherever you are and whoever you are, I hope you take the time to celebrate Epiphany in some way. Celebrate the birth of our King! Find the wonder and the beauty in the miracles He performed and think about what it means to have Jesus as your Savior.

And finally, with Epiphany, you can have your cake and eat it, too!

Gayle Garcia
CBP Newsletter Editor
Glendora, Ca Chapter

New Members
Please welcome to Christian Business Partners the following new members. 

Shellise BerryBerry`s Divine Designs (Chino CA)
Angeleen Gale HarrisImmanuel & AnG`s Financial Services LLC (Upland CA)
Francisco Romo Chavira Strong Tower Home Inspections (Chino CA)
Linda SumnerFlourishing Financials (New Castle PA)

“So, we have stopped evaluating others from a human point of view. At one time we thought of Christ merely from a human point of view. How differently we know him now! 17 This means that anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person. The old life is gone; a new life has begun!” 2 Corinthians 5:16-17